雙語:周末的正確打開方式 除了賴床你還能做這些
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  Let’s face it, Mondays kinda suck. Even Sunday afternoons can turn sour as we anticipate the workweek ahead. More than three-quarters of people say they get the pre-work "Sunday blues," according to a recent poll. Starting your Monday feeling sad, anxious, and unorganized is hardly the way to kick off a healthy week.


  The solution? Set aside a little time on Sunday to purposefully prepare yourself for the five days ahead, suggests women’s health expert Marsha Hudnall, president and co-owner of the Green Mountain at Fox Run, a wellness retreat in Ludlow, Vermont. Taking on even just a few of these simple hacks every Sunday will help you launch a productive, less stressful week.

  解決方法?周日留出一點時間有計劃的為接下來的5天做好準備,福蒙特州拉德洛的Green Mountain at Fox Run健康療養所的主席和共有人、女性健康專家瑪莎·赫德娜爾建議道。每周日采取下列這些建議將有助于開始一個多產、沒有太多壓力的一周。

  Figuring out what to have for dinner on weeknights can be a surprisingly stressful time suck. Sketching out a menu plan on Sunday (and swinging by the grocery store for ingredients) will help you eat well. Go a step further by chopping and cooking veggies and a protein (like a roast chicken or scrambled eggs). Then all you have to do is heat and plate when you come home from work Monday evening.


  Or finally pull the trigger on that meal-kit subscription you’ve been meaning to try. Talk about easy dinner planning: Just order, and you have a week’s worth of raw materials for delicious and healthy meals.


  "To be healthy, we have to take care of body and mind," says Hudnall. Stress has a major impact on health and our ability to concentrate, so starting a Sunday stress-busting habit can launch the week feeling strong and focused. Four ideas to try: a guided meditation practice with the help of an app; forest bathing-a practice known as shinrin-yoku in Japan, which basically means taking a long walk or hike in a wooded area; gentle exercise like yoga; or time cuddling and playing with your pet.


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